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Startups should automate testing ... Now!

Having been running a startup in the mobile app testing space - RobusTest - especially one that is used by startups (and enterprises), I have a few thoughts on startups and mobile app test automation. Time and money together constitute the big constraints that a startup faces. There may be other factors as well. But for most startups, these two easily capture the bulk of their constraints. Mobile apps are not (meant to be) static pieces of software which remain unchanged over time. Instead, they are meant to respond to new insights that are discovered as you get feedback for your app and as your understanding of your users evolves. This learning-unlearning and rapid-iteration is a major challenge when it comes to automating your tests - you spend a lot of time, money and effort to create your test framework, create your tests and then all of a sudden, business wants something more (something else!). You could be a bootstrapped startup or one with multiple rounds of funding, a