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Designing a mobile app automation framework for all apps

Having click baited you with a blog post that claims to solve a problem universally for all apps, let me now proceed to use this post to excuse myself out of that situation. Just kidding! After more than 6 months of silence on this blog, which you can be sure was because both Om and I were busy building RobusTest, we return with a post which hopes is relevant to you. Searching for "mobile app automation" on Google should give you good idea of the kind of problems that people are trying to solve in the space and the sheer number of people who are trying to solve it. Believe me, we know we are in an unenvious position. And therefore, we need to constantly think of that one approach which can help us solve our customers' problems better, faster. It has been a year since we started building RobusTest and while the platform is (meant to be) a full-fledged solution for mobile app testing, one of the things that we focus on is the automation part which consists of creating