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Honey, I slowed down the phone

"Android is so slow" "I hate Android" "Android sucks!" - hearing such emotions has become as common as Android itself and the way people express their emotions is also as varied as the versions and form factors of the devices running Android. While we can blame Android to a certain extent for hogging resources, as the platform as evolved, it has not only improved on its resource diet, it has also provided quite a few tools and resources to Android developers to enable them to create better apps for their users. Of course, the availability of hybrid apps has muddied the performance waters further. While this creates a tough situation for Android developers, it puts a much greater onus on testers to point out performance issues across Android versions and devices. With this in mind, our CTO and co-founder Om Narayan talked to a group of people from the testing space at the StepIn Summit in Hyderabad. For those looking for the presentation, we have e

Marketing, Quality, Your App & the Horse

Photo Credit: Metalsucks Wow! The horse definitely completes the equation, doesn't it? Or maybe not until I tell you what I am talking about. In our bid to "network" and "market" our product to clients and investors alike, we have been participating in various startup events over the past few months. Being a product in the mobile space, most of the events we attended to were in the same space. The general experience has been a great one - we have met a lot of people who are super-excited about the product. Incidentally, we did not see any startup that is solving the same problem as us. But apart from general feeling of smugness, what intrigued me was a deluge of products, solutions and services around getting people to install your app. Just install your app! That's it! Of course, if installs are being tracked, tracking uninstalls too will appear not to far down the line. In fact it is happening now with Uninstall . The idea is to find out the best m